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Funkstörung / The Nipple Twist

Funkstörung / The Nipple Twist


LABEL: !K7 Records
ROLE: Co-Director (with Tatiana Arocha), Editor


First things first. Yes, this is the last VIDEO Funkstörung ever made.

No, we had nothing to do with breaking up the band.


I had arrived too early to the !K7 party at CMJ, and Princess Superstar was DJ'ing in a little booth a few feet away. I struck up conversation with a random guy sitting at the bar. We started talking about music and found we had a lot in common. I let slip that I had directed the infamous Tiga marionette video and he told me he was a huge fan. That was nice to hear, since I didn't know I had any fans.

He said I should direct a video for his band, and I said, "Sure what's your band's name?" When he said he was Michael Fakesch from Funkstörung I thought he was joking. You don't randomly meet a god of electronic music sitting in a half-empty bar in Alphabet City. Or maybe you do? Lucky me.

When "The Return To The Acid Planet" was finished, Michael sent me a copy. Any track we wanted to make a video for was ours. The only catch? A $0 budget... literally. My wife Tatiana and I thought it would be a fun challenge so we jumped right in.

We called in favors, pulled a couple of cans of leftover Super16mm film from our freezer, hired our buddies Kambui Olujimi as Cinematographer and Eric Papa as Producer. Then we put an add on Craigslist and called some friends, asking them to show up outside Tatiana's gallery in Williamsburg one chilly Saturday morning — to take part in the longest game of Nipple Twist ever.

The shoot was as ridiculous as it looks and we got some great local cameos too, including Jaleel Bunton of TV on the Radio who just happened to be walking by while we were shooting.