PBS / audio identity

PBS / Audio Identity




Composers: Michael Picton, Gooding, Ceiri Torjussen, Bill Doss



It had been a decade since PBS had updated their sonic identity when we were hired to create a fresh approach, ushering the brand into the 21st Century.


Before composing a single note, we embarked on a 9 month strategic discovery process in collaboration with design agency eyeball. We interviewed PBS staff from every department and conducted sound-focused research that gave us insight on the how to shift audience perception of the brand. The resulting package included a range of new themes and a new audio logo mnemonic. 

Our detailed strategic process with PBS enabled a wonderfully creative creative phase. Once we began composing, the client feedback was overwhelmingly positive with virtually no requested revisions.

We produced demos in LA and NYC but to create the distinct sonic palette for the final product I felt it was important to record a large amount of live instruments in a setting that would inspire creativity and emphasize the personality of each musician. We chose to record in the attic studio of Olivia Tremor Control's Bill Doss (RIP) with players from the Athens, Georgia music scene that included a string quartet, horn section, vibraphone, and an arsenal of toy instruments from Bill's storied collection.


Since the launch of the new brand elements in 2009, we have continued to work with PBS to evolve and adapt the brand audio package.

Most recently we created a new arrangement of our central network theme for the Emmy-nominated PBS Kids "What If?" campaign.