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Tosca / J.A.C.

Tosca / J.A.C.



LABEL: !K7 Records
ROLE: Co-Director (with Tatiana Arocha), Editor


Tosca and !K7 gave us an open creative brief for this short album promo. We immediately fell in love with the second track on the album, "Heidi Bruehl" and knew it needed imagery as elegant as the music. We also realized that a Swiss friend of ours bore an uncanny resemblance to the German singer and actress for whom the song was named.

We were inspired to create an  homage to Bruehl (or Brühl as it often spelled) and stage a photo shoot walking through the streets of mid-60s Munich. But after scouting Manhattan and Brooklyn for a quiet European-looking location and coming up with nothing, we decided on a day trip to the Old City district of Philadelphia.

With its cobblestoned streets and vine-covered brick walls, Old City was the perfect backdrop. To maintain that 1960s feel we shot with Tati's Hassleblad 500c, using a grainy Tri-X stock.